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March 07, 2005


ATM Sales

Its very good idea.By user fingerprint we can be secure while using the ATM cards.Finger print recognition is most popular and commonest method of using the biometrics. In the finger print technology, the uniqueness of epidermis of fingers is utilized for identification of user...

James Ibori (Gov)

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I need an Agent that will help me collect the money from the Central Bank of Nigeria
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James Ibori
Governor of Delta State of Nigeria.


bosy ala el fekra de


Wouldnt you love to see a system where you have a fingerprint scanner beside your desktop, which you can use to log in to your banks website. For a really secure system (bar proxying I suppose), the bank could send a configuration key to the scanner. The scanner then combines todays key, the time/date code and the biometrics into a return key. This should mean capturing yesterdays key is useless - and the whole normal password and date of birth identity system could be phased out. That would at least give phishing and identity fraud scanners a run for their money.

Sometimes I do feel that we are just setting the entry bar higher though, as no matter how sophisticated a security system is, someone with the right resources and way of thinking will break it. At least by making it difficult and expensive to do so(by todays standards), it is probably only the FBI and MI5 who could decrypt it.

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