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February 15, 2005


Biometric Time Clock



Hi there. I left a comment on the i,Robot section - but it was drowned by someone fly blogging. Since you are all about biometrics, and security - maybe you could implement (or hassle onclick to) a human check in the form of a gif image - obscured to make it hard for a machine to read, so only humans can post.

On my forums at I use a queuing method so I can moderate posts before they make it onto the site.

Anyway - my thoughts on standardization is the idea of keeping standardised, while offering serious security and encryption will be an interesting problem, because without revealing the specifics of the implementation - it couldnt be standardised, but by not keeping them proprietory - you may be opening up the chance of attack.

I suppose OpenSSH has been succesfully encrypting stuff for some time, and the MD5 algorythm is fairly ubiquitous in the unix world. It could even be argued that an open standard is more secure, as a proprietory one has a chance of the vending companies employees having a back door to use for nefarious purposes.


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