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February 04, 2005


Biometric Time Clock


fingerprint door locks

Agreed. SecuGen has some great products.


In this realm of transnational communication and transportation, a major issue is home land security. Every day thousands of trucks and heavy vehicles move places for business purposes carrying chemicals and hazardous material. More concerning is the fact that through such operations many illegal activities can be tried at high ways.
Biometrics now a days with hi tech research and up gradation, is providing new sensors and scanners with higher reliability. Biometrics in Government operation and public safety sector is definitely a higher technological step forward. I am a representative of an established research based biometric firm named M2SYS Technology based in Atlanta Georgia. We have provided our fingerprint scanners to numerous organizations like jail managment, truck management, homeland security systems, Healthcare, public safety, government institutions etc., starting from medium to large across various countries, who are now making a very fast and reliable client/ staff and passenger or citizens record service through integrating our secured fingerprint identification system in their software. Our’s is a patent-pending fingerprint software solution that can be instantly integrated with a host application, avoiding development burdens associated with a fingerprint SDK. We also offer several off-the-shelf fingerprints software products that are distributed to the end user market through our expanding list of channel partners. I believe to keep up with speed of identification in an efficient way, finger print scanners are one of the best solutions.

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