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About onClick:
OnClick Corporation opened its doors in 1998 in Houston, Texas. We were strictly a b2b company, serving the oil & gas and financial industries more than anything else.
But that quickly changed when we were not able to meet all the IT needs of such industries. It was obvious that security was hampering everybody, and creating a constant time & money struggle.
The first products to join the onClick biometric family were several fingerprint devices and DigiPad, our signature capture product.
Now, we are keeping up with the demands of the industry by creating two unique lines of fingerprint products: one for home and one for business.
Both series, VIA and FreedomPass, can be found at several retailers, or purchased through us directly. See our site for more.
Additionally, we also find it important to be active providers of biometric education. It's a new industry to consumers, and the world of high-tech gadgets can sometimes be overwhelming. By creating this blog, and our About Biometrics section on the company site, we hope to share what we know so that people can become informed buyers.
Aside from that, we also think it is important for people to see how onClick operates. This is as close as you can get without a guided tour!

About the Author:
Brooke Browne is the designated author for the onClick blog. She is the marketing specialist, working hard to keep onClick a strong contendor in biometrics.


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